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Mindpark 2017

The 3-day event features three sections of programmes, including a Keynote talk, a Masterclass and an Exhibition. An audience of 800 to 1000 designers, advertisers, entrepreneurs and creatives from various fields is involved.

2017-03-20 17:19:23

Event Date:2017-04-22 to 2017-04-24

Location: No. 82 Yili Industrial Park Longzhu Road North Nanshan District, Shenzhen


Mindpark 2017 will be held in Shenzhen from April 22 to 24. It is curated by TOPYS and Ying Tou Zhi Di during the first Shenzhen Design Week.  12 creative studios/brands and 13 top artists from 8 cities, including Shanghai, Tokyo, London, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Renens will be invited to join this event. The guests will deliver keynote talk and master classes which will attract thousands of entrepreneurs, professionals, workers and creativity enthusiasts from creative industry to attend.

In order to develop the golden era of design, the theme of Mindpark is “The Possibilities of Creativity” with four different parts: brand promotion, innovative experience, product design and interactive creativity. By sharing and analyzing the successful cases, in which creativity made commercial values, it aims to evoke people’s creativities to reshape design industry, affect society and explore the future. Moreover, it provides a new perspective to individuals, companies and the industries to explore new commercial values.