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Design• Future

We hope that at "Design/Future”, the host-exhibitor-public trinity can collaboratively weave a vision of future living with the two themes of the exhibition, "Designing the future" and "Designing for future".

2017-02-22 10:23:16

Event Date:2017-04-21 to 2017-04-28

Location:i-Factory Warehouse, No. 8 Haiwan Road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

The exhibition is an open exhibition provides space for imagination and proposal on future, regarding “Education, Mobility, Living and Communications”. The host-exhibitor-public trinity can collaboratively create a vision of future living with two themes, "Designing the future" and "Designing for future." At “Design·Future” this year, concepts like "interaction" and "participation," will be transformed from abstract ideas into reality.

At “DesignFuture”, people can enjoy new exhibition experience and engage in it. Once entered the venue, every visitor will be given a digital bracelet. The digital bracelet will record his or her walk trail in exhibition. The walking trail will be computed and visitors can create their personalized new media art work.